The first annual RWK Virtual 5K has completed. Thanks to everyone involved and a special thanks to those who entered the raffle by making a donation to my Team Fox efforts. The raffle raised $230 for Team Fox in total plus with any luck it helped to spread the word a little more about my favorite charity. Also I am hoping that someone new learned about the smartphone app Charity Miles which helps runners, walkers or cyclists raise money for charity without doing anything besides what they do regularly anyway.

Now to list the 9 people who “officially” finished the Virtual 5K by sending me email to let me know of their accomplishment. I’m willing to bet there were a few more who ran (or walked), but did not email me.

Julie Langevin
Dave Garufi
Caroline Garufi
Louisa Wong
Renita Cuccia
Sinead O’Connell
Heather Hunter
Matt Jerdan

9. Little ol’ me, Karen Janos (I couldn’t talk my daughter into running without the setting of an actual race. I’m still trying to figure out how the heck she runs 30 minute 5Ks while never training.)

For those who might need a little training, you might want to check out this interesting read on the VR treadmill.

So congrats to everyone that participated. I hope you had fun. I know I enjoyed my run a little more the morning that I ran the Virtual 5K. I’m looking forward to doing this again next year and hopefully getting even more people involved.

And now, for the raffle prizes. I had 5 prizes to give away. All winners were chosen randomly using

Box of GU gels- Dave Garufi
Box of Honey Stingers- Sinead O’Connell
Nuun- Jane Courtney
1 SPI Belt- Hope Clark (if you’re into writing at all check out her blog here.)
1 SPI Belt- Caroline Garufi
Congratulations to the winners! Please send me an email at to claim your prize and let me know where to send it. I want to get all prizes out to the winners in the next 2 weeks. (Getting to a post office can take me a little longer than I’d like at times.)

Thanks again for the support and for taking part in my first ever Virtual 5K. You all rock!